Freelance Marketing Communications Consultant for Start-ups, Time-Strapped Pros, and the not-yet famous

We can act as your virtual marketing department, and put in place the website traffic strategies, outbound communications programs, and SEM that will get your business the attention it deserves.


Email, social, and web-based outreach to customers, prospects, employees, and resellers

Webmaster Services

Updates, refreshes, redesigns, search engine optimization

Email Marketing

Effective, automated email campaigns to generate leads, build web traffic, and nurture customer relationships


HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, MailChimp

Our Services

We help one-person shops, start-ups, and web retailers build, expand and improve their online presence.

Just keeping up with the ever-changing demands of maintaining an effective online presence is a big challenge for many small-business owners. From implementing technologies like CSS, WordPress, SEO, and databases to creating content strategies for e-newsletters and social networks, we can help you get control of your online marketing. You’ll be able to gather the customer data you need and project the professional presence your business requires, while still having the time to focus on the core aspects of your business.

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